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Dilly Dally is a children's entertainment company providing unique toys and play spaces for the ultimate kids fun and entertainment. At Dilly Dally, we believe in fairytales, magic and make-believe. Our toys feature the loveable, huggable animals called the Dilly Dally's who are always on an adventure to bring happy, healthy, fun to children of all ages, especially toddlers.

The Dilly's delight with their fun games and toys which can be found at school fairs, fundraisers, birthday parties , playdates, children's amusement venues, theme parks and many other unique child friendly places. Our play encourages creativity and edutainment in a safe and friendly environment.

Journey with us to the perfect make-believe world of the Dilly Dally where children are always happy!

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News & Updates

Megamart's "Mega Kids" Treat!

The Dillies were so excited to bring their perfect happy world to Megamart's "Mega Kids" Customer Treat!

Mount Alvernia Prep Fun Day!

Dilly Dally Entertainment is pleased to collaborate with Mount Alvernia Prep School on their annual fun day. We had so much fun with our animal rides, karaoke, interactive games, photo booth, bounce houses and most of all the delightful children of Mount Alvernia Prep.

Scotiabank Shop 876 Playzone

Dilly Dally Rides is proud to have been the exclusive kiddies entertainment provider at Scotiabank's Shop 876 event on the lawns of Devon House. 

Hillel Academy Fall into Fall

The Dilly Dally's fell into Fall with Hillel Academy and boy did the Dilly's have a great time with the Hillelians!

Sts. Peter & Paul Prep Annual Fair

The Dilly Team always has a super time at Sts. Peter & Paul Preparatory Annual Fair!

Hopefield Prep PTA Costume Fair

Dilly Dallys are super excited to bring joy to the children at Hopefield Prep at the PTA Fair.

Montego Bay Christian Academy BBQ!

Montego Bay Christian Academy with Dilly Dally Rides on their annual BBQ event!  We are so excited to bring our fun make-believe world of the Dilly's to the children of MBCA.

Chas E. Ramson Gerber Day at the Zoo

Dilly Dally Rides had a spectacular day with the kiddies at Chas E. Ramson's Gerber Day at Hope Zoo. 

Rainbow Land Nursery School

Join the Dilly's at Rainbowland Nursery School Easter Fair

AISK Annual Wonderland Fundraiser

Our perfectly happy Dilly Dally world will be at the American International School of Kingston's Annual Wonderland Fundraiser.

Our Lady of the Angels Prep School

Dilly Dally Rides to host Our Lady of the Angels Prepararatory School annual fair.  

Hope Zoo Easter Eggcitement

The Dilly's favourite place to be at the Zoo!  We know you love it too! We enjoyed our time at Easter Eggcitment at Hope Zoo. See you next time.!

Emmanuel Christian Academy PTA Family Fun Fair

The Dilly's came out with their toys to play, so much fun and excitement!

Obistan Kinder Prep School

Dilly Dally Rides continue their adventure of making children happy at Obistan Kinder Prep's Annual School Fair.